Heirloom Varieties

Was sent this article, Our Dwindling Food Variety, by a friend and was so shocked to see how many heirloom vegetable varieties we’ve lost through industrial farming.

Yesterday, we picked about 6 pounds of Champion of England Shelling Peas. These are gorgeous pods that impel you to shell and eat on the spot. I purchased these seeds from Seedsaver’s exchange and will certainly be saving some of this variety for next year.

See this article for more information on growing heirloom varieties. It also lists sources for purchasing heirloom seeds, and resources for learning how to save your own.

Self-Serve Farmstand items

Thursdays are my one day for Farm stand hours that I usually staff, but tonight will be a self-serve, honor system stand.

The Farmstand is open from 4 - 7 @ 420 Harrison Drive, Centerport, NY 11721

In addition to a myriad of herbs and vegetable plants still available, here’s what will be out for purchase in the produce department:

Deer’s Tongue Lettuce $2.00/bunch
New Red Fire Read Leaf Lettuce/$2 bunch
Garlic Scapes (an ephemeral treat!), $3 bunch of 12
Scallions $2.00/bunch
Pea Tendrils $3.00/4 oz bag
Dill $1.50/bunch
and (maybe)
Asparagus $3.50/ 1/2 lb bunch (probably the last of the season!)

Now I’m off to plant some peppers and eggplants!

Stay cool....

Today's Sowings

Eatons Neck: Beautiful, windy day...planted cucumbers, zucchini, cilantro and radish seeds. The shelling peas are nearly 6 feet tall and smothered in purple flowers -- the peas can’t be far behind!

June 2

Lettuce give thanks! A warmer than usual May has brought forth the beginning of the summer lettuce. New Red Fire, Deer’s Tongue and an assorted “self sown” volunteers are sized up enough to become the first of the annual greens to appear on the Farmstand.