Get Gardening!


As an organic grower with 30+ years experience, I have been asked by many people how to start a garden. After giving presentations about organic growing, I am always surprised to hear how tentative people are about growing their own food, and have come to realize that as the age-old art of agriculture has been lost over the last fifty years! Those of us who have nurtured the knowledge need to share it with those who wish to learn about the joys (o.k. and sometimes the failures) of growing their own food.

I believe that the knowledge and practice of sustainable (i.e. organic or biodynamic) growing will not only provide individuals with fresh and nutritious vegetables and grocery bill savings, but will also guide them towards a more holistic approach to their entire landscape and the environment in general. I also believe that this newly educated populace will find new and greater respect for farmers by participating in the process and gaining the understanding of the many variables inherent to sustainable growing.

Since leaving my farming gig and the parcel I grew on, I have now embarked on what I’ve always had a passion for: Teaching people to grow their own, through educating and encouragement. I don’t have a fancy name for this new path my career is taking, but Garden Coach seems to be the best fit right now. Not every one needs a garden coach, but those who do will benefit from my experience as a grower and can get their hands in the soil sooner than they think. Can you find what I am teaching in books? Sure you can! But I have found that most people don’t want to spend a lot of time wading through books and having to commit a lot of information to memory. As your Garden Coach I can help you by teaching you, through hands on practice, how to start and care for vegetables from “seed to palate.”

If you are interested in starting your own garden and would like to know more about this service, let me know. We can work out a gardening plan that will suit your financial and time budget as well as your tastes.