Why go local?

  • Keep the community you live in thriving by supporting it and keeping it economically sound.

  • Save resources, fuel, and time.

  • Waste less by purchasing high-quality local products.

  • Know where your food, health, beverages, art comes from, and know those who produce it!

Supporting your local Farmer?

Teddy Bolkas via Facebook:
how many of you shop regularly at farmers markets? for those of you that don't, what would be the deciding factor to get you going? what would you guys like to see at the markets? i'm trying to improve some markets and could use the feedback! please share the post so we can get as many opinions as possible! thank ya!!

Here are just a few local resources, more to come...


Biophilia Organic Farm Jamesport, NY
CenterFood Co-Op Centerport, NY
Copenhagen Bakery Northport, NY
Garden Fusion East Marion, NY
Jen’s Hens Smithtown NY
Makinajian Poultry Farm Huntington, NY
Sang Lee Farms Peconic, NY
Sustainable Sea Cliff (Food Co-op), Sea Cliff, NY


Barrier Brewing, Oceanside, NY
Blind Bat Brewery Centerport, NY
Long Ireland Beer Co. Riverhead, NY
Macari Vinyards Mattituck NY
Medolla Vineyards Peconic, NY


Amma Therapy Centerport, NY


Jennifer Gioe Peper Huntington, NY
Ripe Art Gallery Greenlawn, NY